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How to spring clean like a pro


You know spring is on the way when you wake up to natural light and to the sound of birds chirping by your window. Plants are beginning to bloom and vibrant colors are being added to the scenery. Isn’t great that the weather has warmed up and you can now open your windows to let in the fresh air without worrying about freezing to death. It’s such a great feeling.

Yup, we all know the signs. We know what it means. And some of us actually dread these signs. It’s here, it’s inevitable, it’s work… it’s time for spring cleaning.

Hats off to you if you’re one of those people who enjoys this time of year and is very on top of spring cleaning. Cleaning the house isn’t an easy thing. We get it.  Lucky enough, we have some tips to help you spring clean like a pro.

Get an early start


The sweet call of procrastination is indeed tempting, but whatever you do, try not to fall into its trap. We all have those days where the embrace of our beds is a little too warm, or the call of the wild is so loud and beckons us to go out with friends. Don’t cave!

The BEST thing to do is to make a weekend plan and stick to it. The sooner you get to doing the chores, the sooner it’s over.

Things will just keep piling up if you wait too long, and we all know that’ll make things progressively more and more difficult.

Focus on one room at a time

Closets are always a good place to start

Don’t stress yourself out thinking about trying to get the whole house clean at once. Focus on one room, or one task at a time. Slowly tackle one corner at a time and don’t stress over the big picture. If you’re not alone, then divide the family chores so everyone has a room they are responsible for.

Don’t be afraid to move furniture

This can be a bit of a pain, but it’s a step you really shouldn’t ignore. Dust and all sorts of filth can pile up beneath your chairs and couches. Sure, it might still look the same just cleaning around your furniture, but health and sanitation-wise… how about we not take chances. Roll up your sleeves, put on some rubber gloves, get the vacuum out and start finding the corners that have perhaps been forgotten for a tad too long.

Don’t neglect the outside of your home


This is would be a rookie mistake to forget about outside maintenance for your home. You should try to clean everything, inside and out. Trim the hedges, weed the garden, mow your lawn and make your outside look as good as the inside. When was the last time you had a look-see at the gutters? Are all your garden tools still in working order?

On a side note, spring cleaning is also very important if you’re planning a spring sale. These cleaning tips can help you get your home looking great for home viewings. You should also check out our post about the top 5 tips for preparing your home for a spring sale.

To keep or to toss – decide what you really need

Clutter can often seem like the bane of our lives. The more we have the more cluttered and messier our homes look. Go through what you have in your house and find all the items you haven’t used or looked at within the last 6-12 months. Sort these items into categories. Those you actually need, those you think you might need someday, and those that you don’t need but kind of like. Everything that is not in the “you really, really need it” category could probably be tossed.

Sanitize your sponges and get proper cleaning supplies


It’s great if you put the effort into cleaning, but if you’re using a sponge that hasn’t been properly sanitized, then all you’re really doing is spreading germs and filth around and not actually cleaning. Studies have shown that the item containing the most germs in homes is the sponge in your kitchen sink. You should regularly soak your sponge in a bath of one-part bleach to nine-parts hot water to kill the germs.

Also, don’t try to buy too many cleaning supplies. Just stick with the basics and throw in some microfiber cloths and you’re good to go.

Clean top to bottom

When was the last time you’ve taken a look at your ceilings and checked for cobwebs? Cleaning top to bottom, back to front is probably the most efficient way to clean a room.

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