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Bard on the Beach


Have you been to Bard on the Beach?

Kitsilano’s Vanier Park boasts several great attractions and chief among them is the Bard theatre for
Shakespeare. If you’re looking for things to do in kits, we would strongly suggest checking out this

Jennifer Lines

Who doesn’t love a good Shakespearean play? Shakespeare’s works have everything from comedy and love to drama and betrayal.

Yes, we know, Shakespeare died over 400 years ago so why do we still care about his work? Shakespeare incorporates a great blend of emotion, comedy and sarcasm into his works. He was a master at understanding his audience and giving them stories and characters whom they can identify with. Really,
who wasn’t touched by Romeo and Juliet’s romantic tragedy?

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Featuring the Production of Macbeth at Bard on the Beach

You may have seen the play before, or even read it in school, so why should you go see it outdoors at the beach. Trust us, going to Bard on the Beach is not the same as sitting in the aisles of a regular theatre. It’s so much better. For instance, you’re at a literal beach. Nothing beats the backdrop of this

Thomas Keene in Macbeth

stage performance, with the ocean and mountains to add to the mood. With stunning views and great actors, it’s easy to become absorbed in the characters as you watch them struggle with power, corruption and treachery. We’ve heard that this year’s Macbeth is one of the most intense productions ever staged at Bard.

It’s one of Canada’s Largest Shakespeare Festivals

Bard on the Beach is celebrating its 29 th Season this year. Anything that has been around that long has to be good and worth seeing. Situated under modern circus-style tents, this is a not-for-profit festival that features professional Vancouver-based actors to showcase Shakespeare’s work.

Dates, times and tickets are all available on their website at

Banner image via Wikimedia Commons (Irene Kehler)
Article images via Flickr (Jennifer Lines); Flickr (A Midsummer Night’s Dream); Wikimedia Commons (W.J. Morgan & Co. Lith.)

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