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How to prepare your home for fall


The crisp little bite in the air means that Autumn is here. Time to pull out your sweaters from storage and prep your home with everything cozy and warm. It’s very important that you properly prepare your home, not just for safety reasons, but to also be cost efficient and save more money. We at Homes in Kits have compiled a checklist of what you should tackle before the cold air hits your home in full force.

1. Make sure furnace and heaters are in proper working order

We probably don’t need to stress how important it is to make sure your furnace meets all safety standards. If it’s been a while, you might want to consider getting it professionally checked. At least give it a good visual inspection before turning it on for the first time.

2. Clean the fireplace and chimney

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You don’t want to start the fireplace before cleaning it. Trust us. After sitting unused, it has probably built up soot that really should be cleaned out before use. Kitsilano has several options for chimney inspections.

Vancouver Gas Fireplaces Ltd.

Fireplaces Unlimited

Tristan Chimney Inspections

3. Keep warm air in and cold air out

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The cool Autumnal breeze is a beautiful feeling, but only when it’s outside of the house. Keep your house warm and safe from the cold by sealing off any cracks in the home. Do an inspection for both inside and outside your house and close off any open spaces. If there’s a breeze coming from the window or door, stick a rolled towel around the space to conserve heat inside.

4. Clean your gutters

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Yes, it’s a hassle, but it’s something that has to be done every year. Cleaning them out early will prevent major problems later on. Make sure you remove any leaves and debris. You can watch how to do it properly here. While you clean the gutters, you can also give your roof a visual inspection for any loose or broken shingles. You can also hire someone to do the job for you.

Vancouver Eco Gutters Ltd.

Vancouver Window Cleaning – Pressure Washing and Gutter Cleaning

Don’t forget to also…

  • Turn off outdoor plumbing
  • Clean and put away outdoor furniture
  • Repair and install light fixtures
  • Prepare for blackouts
  • And create a home safety checklist

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We hope you have a great start to Fall! Happy home prepping!

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