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Don’t just choose Homes in Kits, become part of the community!


Every city and every town has their community expert. That one person who just happens to know where to get the best pancakes for breakfast and the best place to go to meet new people. And yes, a lot of real estate agents pride themselves on being “community experts”, but how can you tell they’re the real deal?

Homes in Kits provides information on not only local sales statistics, but also on community news and events. So how do we know he’s genuine?

Let’s look at the guy who runs Homes in Kits

Nick Chen

He’s educated on all things Kits

Nick Chen doesn’t do anything by half. When he decided to go into real estate, he took the effort to learn everything about client needs and how to provide the best possible objective advice. Including the hot spots in the neighbourhood. If you’re not convinced, go ahead and give him a call. You’d best also ask him where he’d recommend for lunch or where to get the best furniture. You can even quiz him about the most recent sales stats and he’d pass with an A+.

Let’s look at this logically. If you’re going to become a real estate agent, you’ll want to know as much as you can about the neighbourhood you’re working in as you can. And Nick has been working on finding all the nooks and crannies of Kits to help buyers find their perfect little corner in the area. Homes in Kits’ goal is to become the go to source for all things real estate in Kitsilano. Buying, selling, and everything in between, Nick will make sure buyers and sellers will be well taken care of from Alma to Burrard and Cornwall to W16th.

He grew up with Kits as his playground

While it’s common for kids to wonder the streets of the town they live in, not all of them took it as literally as Nick did.

If you’re a Kits local, you may have seen Nick before. He grew up running around the streets and visiting all sorts of different little shops around every corner. He’s spent quite a big chunk of his life becoming familiar with all the streets in Kits.¬†Once you get to know Nick, you’ll see it for yourself in the way that he moves around town so familiarly.

Homes in Kits website vs blog

Traffic at Cambie and Broadway

While Homes in Kits is a real estate focused website, it’s blog has a heavy commitment to teaching visitors about all the beauty of Kitsilano as a community.

In terms of real estate, Homes in Kits provides your basic real estate services, such as buying and selling and everything that goes between. But the true intention of Homes in Kits blog is to provide informative and engaging articles for current and future residents of the area.

Whether you take our word for it or not, ultimately you’re just going to have to visit Nick Chen and find out for yourself.

So the question is why Homes in Kits?

On top of real estate experience and extensive community knowledge, the real reason to go with Homes in Kits is friendly and helpful service. If you go to Nick, he won’t just treat you like a client, you become his friend that he needs to take care of.

Describing Homes in Kits in full is kind of hard, but let’s give it a shot. Homes in Kits is resourceful with plenty of contacts to help work through barriers. The company’s also experienced in helping clients achieve their home goals. The team is great and really knows the area well.

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