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5 things you didn’t know about the #kitswings mural!


1. The wings mural is 40 foot tall

The wall on the side of building 1817 on West 4th Avenue was once a blank canvas, but became so much more when the Executive Director of the West 4th Avenue Business Association decided there was a need for more artwork. Jane McFadden approached artists Sandy and Steve Pell with the idea of creating a giant set of wings. Together, they painted a 40 foot by 25 foot mural called #kitswings.

2. You are meant to feel majestic

The intent of the wings, besides being a beautiful display of art, is meant to make those who stand before it feel majestic. It has been a hot spot for many photoshoots and Instagram posts. The design and layout was specifically designed to make all shapes and sizes fit into them. If you live or have traveled to kits, I bet you’ve definitely taken a picture with it. Don’t even deny it!

3. The artists spent over 200 hours on every detail

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Yes, that’s right! Sandy and Steve Pell spent over 200 hours carefully crafting this masterpiece. Every detail was well thought out. The aesthetic was inspired by a Bald Eagle’s wings silhouetted against the setting sun over Kitsilano. Check out more of their art here.

4. It is now a major local landmark

Of course something of this magnitude will no doubt become a landmark. It is now one of the things that defines Kitsilano. You can’t visit Kits without stopping by to quickly snap a Instagram shot with the mural.

5. The design will fit any mobile phone resolution

We’re not sure how it works, but it does. The artists somehow were able to design the mural to fit within the basic mobile resolution shot from the sidewalk. This makes sharing photos to Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat easy. Get your phones ready and put on your best face. You know you need at least one photo in front of the wings.

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